Picking Up Your Best Recurve Bow In 2014 That Don’t Break The Bank

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Finding the right recurve bow depends upon each individual’s unique needs. There are too many makes and models available to simply choose at random.

You likely want to get past the difficulty in choosing so you may hurry and get to the enjoyable part of experiencing target shooting or bow hunting.

To help you with that we have created this website to make it extremely easy for you to find the best recurve bow for your particular needs, regardless of whether you are looking to hunt, target shoot, or even to someday become a member of the World Archery Federation.

Below you will find some of the most popular bow models, based on price, body weight, skill level, purpose, age and affordability.

Our Current Top 10 Recommended Recurve Bows for 2014

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Samick Sage
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Martin Saber
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Martin Jaguar
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Martin Hunter
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$$$$$Our Review
Bear Grizzly
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$$$$Our Review
Bear Super Kodiak
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Hoyt Buffalo
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Hoyt Gamemaster 2
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PSE Razorback
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PSE Blackhawk
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Best Recurve Bows by Price Range

One of the primary concerns with choosing a recurve bow is its price. For those not of higher skill, they will want a bow that will not be a waste of time or money, yet will still offer adequate skill development. Some of the most popular bows have been divided by price range below.

Best Recurve Bow for the Money Under $200

Samick Sage

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The Samick Sage is agreed upon as one of the best bows under $150, or even those under $200. The Sage is a take-down bow with a bow length of 62 inches and a bow weight of 3.4 pounds. The riser is built with a classic style while still being simple and effective.

Its simplicity is what makes it ideal for beginners. The Samick Sage is a reliable piece of equipment with no complex hardware. Because there is little chance of any component breaking, it will be easier to control and adapt to for amateurs.

The limbs of the Samick Sage are resilient and strong. Unlike other inexpensive recurve bows, the limbs of the Sage resist twisting as they are made of hard maple encased in a layer of fiberglass.

Although the bow is long, its take-down functionality allows it to be easily stored or transported despite its size. It features reinforced limb tips for bowstring upgrades, and the bow’s screws can be undone with just fingers as no tools or hex keys are needed.

Some lower-priced recurve bows feature exceptional components for the price, but still fall short in actual performance. The Sage, on the other hand, provides a smooth draw with no vibration, operates quietly and is extremely accurate due to its size. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

Samick Sage Review Summary

  • Classic-style riser with simple design
  • Easy to control for beginners
  • Durable and resilient limbs that avoid twisting
  • Take-down construction that makes for easy storage and transport
  • Reinforced limb tips
  • Incredibly accurate due to 62-inch length
Samick Sage Review

Martin Jaguar

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Martin Saber Recurve Bow review

The Martin Jaguar is a take-down bow with a length of 60 inches and bow weight of 2.82 pounds. The riser is made from aluminum and magnesium, making it durable and lightweight when compared to wooden recurve bows.

The riser’s large size helps it to absorb energy and reduce vibration better. The Jaguar’s limbs are made from laminated wood and fiberglass and can be taken apart to make storing and transporting the bow easier. When put together, the unit is constructed durably without the need to tighten its bolts.

The Martin Jaguar allows for great accuracy due to its length, low vibration and the lack of grip torque. The grip is comfortable enough to allow for accurate shooting and the bow is easy to tune, allowing for better consistency.

The Jaguar is a great choice for beginners as it is inexpensive and low-maintenance. It is also easy to aim, accommodating for the mistakes often found in a beginner’s form.

It can accept a number of accessories to enhance its use, including an arrow quiver, pin sight and stabilizer. The Martin Jaguar makes for a good hunting bow as it is lightweight, quiet and easy to maneuver. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

Martin Jaguar Review Summary

  • Take-down construction that allows for easy transport
  • Long and lightweight making it accurate and easy to carry during hunts
  • Made of durable aluminum and magnesium as a weight advantage over the wood recurve bow
  • Absorbs vibration
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to use and maintain
T-Mac Reviews: The Martin Jaguar take-down recurve

Best Bows Under $400

Martin Saber

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Martin Saber Recurve BowThe Martin Saber is 64 inches long with a weight of 3.4 pounds. It is suitable for both hunting and target practice and is an optimal choice for amateur and intermediate archers alike. It features a riser made of aluminum, providing a durable and lightweight alternative to more traditional bows.

The Thermal V dampening grip is comfortable and sweat-resistant, and Vibration Vortex VEMs help reduce vibration even more. The bow’s limbs are made of laminated wood and glass. They are very durable and will not bend with time like many other models.

The limbs can be quickly removed from the riser by undoing the screws, removing any restraints that would have been caused by its large size. The Saber shows incredible accuracy, and is forgiving to common errors in form made by beginner archers. It is accurate even in the toughest weather conditions.

The draw weight can be placed at up to 55 pounds, making it great when used for hunting. The size, however, may cause issues when used from a stand or other barrier, so it may be best to use this bow when hunting in open terrain. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

Martin Saber Review Summary

  • Lightweight
  • Good for hunting and target practice
  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate skill levels
  • Durable aluminum build with durable limbs
  • Take-down construction
  • Accurate in tough weather conditions
Martin saber takedown reality check

Bear Grizzly

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bear grizzly review

The Bear Grizzly is a 58-inch bow weighing less than 2 pounds. It is best designed for hunting and can be used with archers of all skill levels. Its limbs are custom-made from northern hardwood, and pose no risk of warping or twisting under normal conditions.

The long length of the bow makes it accurate enough to handle both target practice and hunting with precision. The light weight makes it perfect for carrying around during longer sessions. As a bonus, the Bear Grizzly also offers an esthetic appeal in its elegant design.

The model’s riser features a well-positioned shelf that facilitates shooting even for amateur archers. The finish on the limbs protects them and prevents the absorption of moisture. The included string, unlike most kits for this price, is ready to shoot with right out of the box.

Recurve bow reviews for this model imply that shooters see a significant improvement in arrow grouping with the Grizzly. The accuracy is close to what one would expect in a more high-quality model. In addition, the light feel is no problem for beginners.

The lack of vibration and sound when using the bow make it a prime choice for hunting large game, even bear and elk, as the archer can sneak up on prey easily. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

Bear Grizzly Review Summary

  • Extremely lightweight at less than 2 pounds
  • Suitable for archers of all skill levels
  • Sturdy limbs that will not twist
  • Can be used for hunting or target practice
  • Beautiful designation
  • Resistant to moisture damage
  • Ready to shoot right out of the box
  • Excellent accuracy, even for beginners
Bear Grizzly review.

Best Bow for the Money Under $600

Martin Hunter

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The Martin Hunter weighs just over 2 pounds and comes in at 62 inches. It is a high-quality bow that is still suitable for beginners. The good-looking instrument features a hard and durable riser. It is smooth in appearance with no inconsistencies in its structure.

The Hunter’s limbs are made from a hard maple core that is covered with tough fiberglass. The limb tips are reinforced, allowing them to accept the finest strings available on the market. It offers a very comfortable grip, even when fully drawn.

The unit’s included string is thick enough to hold the arrow firmly while being able to release it effortlessly. It works well for beginning and experienced archers that need a bow that performs powerfully without causing excess strain on the muscles.

The Martin Hunter shows superb accuracy, with tight groupings even for beginners. The model is likely to accommodate archers that are still learning proper form or grip techniques.

The unit produces little to no vibration upon release and is prone to performing based on the user’s action, instead of being difficult to control. This bow is easy to use, but it is also extremely powerful with the right arrows. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

Martin Hunter Review Summary

  • Lightweight
  • Good for all skill levels, for hunting large and small game and target practice
  • High-quality construction
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Extremely accurate, even for amateurs
  • Strong but easy to use
Martin Hunter initial review

Bear Super Kodiak

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Bear Archery Super Kodiak Recurve Bow review

The Super Kodiak bow from Bear Archery is 60 inches in length and weighs 3 pounds. As it is a one-piece unit there is no assembly required before using. The limbs are built strongly as is the included string. The Super Kodiak is easy to tune upon use and easy to maintain over time.

This bow makes great use for hunting as it is quiet when shooting, easy to carry and offers excellent action from the limbs. The bow is also superbly fast. This is a great feature for game hunting as it gives the target no time to escape the arrow even if the archer is detected when releasing.

The Bear Kodiak is very comfortable to hold and to aim, with a unique grip. Its riser is well-polished, comfortable and made from black wood. The limbs and limb tips are strengthened with fiberglass, and are unlikely to twist or splinter even after prolonged use.

Adding to the craftsmanship, the arrow rest is durable as well, in addition to being stable enough to help the arrow clear the bow. Although the Kodiak weighs more than some models, it should still be easy enough to aim, even for those with weaker muscles. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

Bear Super Kodiak Review Summary

  • No assembly required
  • Strong limbs and string
  • Easy to tune and maintain
  • Quiet enough for hunting
  • Fast and powerful
  • Comfortable to use
Bear Super Kodiak Recurve review

Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

When just starting out, trying to choose the top recurve bow can seem overwhelming. There are many bows to choose from, and finding the best bow can be a bit of a struggle. Picking the right bow can make a world of difference in accuracy and form.

Fortunately, there are numerous models available with the amateur archer in mind. The best beginner bows are usually forgiving to the flaws in an amateur’s form and are easy to maneuver. Some of the best beginner recurve bows have been compiled below.

Martin Jaguar

The Jaguar offers a long bow length, making accuracy much more achievable for the beginner. It is lightweight and easy to carry with high-quality construction. The riser’s size helps reduce vibration and it is easy to aim, low-maintenance and affordable.

Samick Sage

Some experts consider the Samick Sage to be the best beginner bow available. It can be purchased as a right- or left-handed recurve bow, and can accommodate a range of draw weights from 25 to 60 pounds. It is durable, easy to set up and it fires smoothly.

Martin Saber

The Martin Saber is a take-down bow measuring 64 inches long, and its length makes it easier to shoot accurately. It makes for a great beginner bow as it is easy to adjust to amateurs’ mistakes. This incredible accuracy even extends to the most difficult weather conditions.

Ragim Wildcat

The Ragim Wildcat is designed to be as helpful as possible as a beginner recurve bow, including everything an amateur needs to get started with archery, such as arrows, a quiver and an instruction book. The Wildcat is made to develop with the archer’s skill, and its limbs can be replaced with heavier ones as skill enhances.

Best Recurve Bows for Hunting

Many bows are suitable for target shooting, but some are reliable for game hunting as well. The best recurve hunting bow will be one that can shoot quietly, release quickly and feel comfortable enough to carry around during the trip.

When hunting with a recurve bow it is essential that the archer can approach and fire without disturbing prey. Similarly, the bow should be able to release quickly before the target can run away if alerted to the archer.

The best bow for hunting should also be lightweight, or, at the least, easy enough to carry around through the duration of the hunting session.

Hoyt Buffalo

Some experts view the Hoyt Buffalo as the best recurve hunting bow of its kind. It carries technological innovations from Hoyt’s own Olympic-grade bows. It features an unparalleled level of power and accuracy. The Buffalo is made of a combination of strong materials of the highest durability.

Bear Grizzly

The Grizzly is a hunting recurve bow for archers at all skill levels. Though it is not a take-down, it features custom-made limbs within a lightweight frame, making it easy to carry around on hunting trips. It is remarkably quiet, resistant to the elements, durable and quiet.

Martin Hunter

The Hunter is a lightweight bow that can target small and large game. It is extremely powerful and can take down the largest animals, even from long distances. The Hunter draws easily and produces consistent groupings. It is a quiet bow that operates smoothly and efficiently.

Bear Archery Super Kodiak

The Super Kodiak from Bear Archery is great for recurve bow hunting as it s is designed to eliminate the largest game, including bears and buffalo. This model is easy to use, accurate and durable, and it features a range of draw weights.

Cheap Recurve Bows

For a beginner or someone that is not sure of their future dedication to the sport, spending a large amount to try it out at first would not be the wisest choice. Because of this, it is often best to begin with rudimentary options to get the feel of it before moving on to advanced bows and accessories.

A good but affordable bow will be powerful and strong while still staying within a realistic budget. When used for hunting, a cheap bow will have a draw weight at a minimum of 40 pounds for effective penetration. The following list includes some of the most efficient recurve bows for sale at low prices.

Martin Jaguar

The Martin Jaguar retails for less than $200, depending on the options. It features a take-down construction and is built with durable aluminum and magnesium. The modern recurve bow is lightweight comfortable to hold. Its accuracy is spot-on, making it as reliable as many bows that cost many times more.

Samick Sage

The Samick Sage can also be purchased for less than $200. This popular bow is well-suited as a hunting bow for beginners and intermediate archers, provides smooth drawing as well as stability. The quality and performance seen is this model are exceptional for its price.

Martin Saber

Those looking for a good recurve bow under $400 will be pleased with all the Martin Saber has to offer. It features a metal riser, reduces vibration and is comfortable to hold. The Saber is very accurate in all weather conditions and is incredibly smooth to draw and shoot.

Martin XR

The Martin XR is designed to be an ideal bow for children, but as an adult recurve bow it may be too weak. This extremely affordable model can be used with right-handed or left-handed users. It facilitates more accurate shooting through its 46-inch bow length and elevated arrow rest. Its simple design makes it easy to use.

Best Recurve Bow for Women and Children

Those with smaller physiques, such as children and shorter women, will have different needs when it comes to choosing a bow. The best youth bow will help the young archer develop muscle strength, enhance joint flexibility and learn to draw and release the string. A youth recurve bow should be flexible enough that it allows the child to develop and enhance the model as skill increases.

An ideal bow will not be too hard to pull for the smaller body, but it will also not be so light that the body does not adjust properly. Such adjustment and improvement is necessary to move on to more advanced bows later.

When choosing a kids recurve bow, keep in mind that some children will be stronger than others, and may be able to advance more quickly. One of the best bows for archers of this size and skill level is the PSE Razorback.

PSE Razorback

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pse razorback review

The PSE Razorback is a lightweight and accurate bow that works well as a starter model for women and kids. It works as an affordable unit for those just starting out, and offers exceptional durability for its price. Its take-down structure comes in a 62-inch length, making it easy to transport when taken apart.

The Razorback also offers a range of draw weights from 20 to 30 pounds, making it ideal for youth, women and beginners that may not need a heavy draw weight from the start. The length offers the user the balance and smooth draw necessary for effective shots.

This unit is a smart and inexpensive choice for smaller women and children to use for target practice. It is also suitable for those first starting that need to get the hang of the sport. Despite its limited application, however, it is still very accurate for its purpose. >>> Click here to see more reviews and current discount on Amazon!

PSE Razorback Review Summary

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for beginners, women and youth
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Stable and smooth execution
  • Very accurate

How These Bows Were Chosen

The bows selected for each criterion were chosen carefully to ensure the best quality and experience for those archers that research and utilize the information.

The compiled list was diversified well enough that nearly every archer would be able to find the right bow for their own needs or for those for whom they are making the purchase.

Even still, each shooter will have their own unique preferences for what they want in their own experience. The following details the requirements for each bow to have been chosen.

  • Every bow was researched extensively before being selected as a recommendation.
  • The models have been tested and checked for details, including performance.
  • Each adult bow is capable of reaching or exceeding 30 yards in shooting distance.
  • Only the most adequate or relevant bows were chosen from each archery brand.
  • For price ranges, the bows with the best proven performance were always selected.
  • Each bow has been shown to be safe to shoot with for each category.
  • The recommended bows include strings with the highest quality, ensuring less vibration and noise and enhanced arrow flight.

Decision Time

At this point you should have a better understanding of what it takes to choose the proper recurve bow for your needs. As previously noted, the best bow for you or the person for which you buy a bow will vary depending upon your personal experience and expectations.

Even after your initial choice, those needs will also change as your skill level increases. You will want a bow that can adapt with you. After reading the included information, you should now be able to make a more informed decision.

Some archers will need a bow that can accommodate their lack of skill if they are just beginning. Some want to get into the sport but may not have the financial resources to do so. Others may be small in size, or are looking for a bow for their child.

Even those with experience need to be able to choose a bow that will be effective when hunting game. No matter your special situation, you should be able to narrow your choices down from this guide. Even if you try a bow in your category at random, you are still likely to be pleased.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is to keep a proper draw weight match to avoid compromising your skill development and experience.